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FI-Natura certificate criteria

We are happy to provide more information about FI-Natura certification criteria and individual raw materials by e-mail.

FI-Natura certification criteria in brief:

  • The content of raw materials of natural or natural origin in the product must be at least 95%, the rest max. 5% restricted substances, specified substances

  • Plant raw materials should favor wild or organically grown plants collected from a clean area

  • Local production of raw materials is recommended

  • Raw materials should be processed in the most gentle processes possible

  • FI-Natura allows the use of certain synthetic raw materials to a limited extent (max. 5%) when it is not ecologically viable or possible to isolate the raw material from a natural source. Permitted synthetic raw materials are e.g. benzoic acid and its salts, sorbic acid and its salts and benzyl alcohol.

  • Prohibited raw materials include:

    • Petrochemical products

    • Ethoxylated compounds

    • Chemical sunscreens

    • Synthetic fragrances and dyes

    • Silicone compounds

    • Most synthetic preservatives such as parabens, isothiazolinols, formaldehyde scavengers, phenoxyethanol, triclosan

    • Raw materials of animal origin, with the exception of, for example, beeswax, honey, milk and lanolin

    • Genetically engineered raw materials

  • Products should use as environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging and packaging materials as possible.
    Prohibited packaging materials include e.g. PVC and polystyrene (PS).

  • Animal testing of products and raw materials is strictly prohibited.

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