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What is FI-Natura ?

FI-Natura is a non-profit association founded in 2014 and a Finnish natural cosmetics certificate that certifies Finnish natural cosmetics. The FI-Natura certificate is a guarantee for the consumer of authentic Finnish natural cosmetics. It allows the consumer to identify an authentic domestic natural cosmetic product and distinguish it from green-washed cosmetic products.


Natural cosmetics are cosmetics whose raw materials come from nature. Almost all synthetic raw materials are banned, and raw materials collected from nature or organically grown are preferred. The packaging of the products is recyclable and the use of animal experiments is strictly prohibited.

So far, there is no separate definition of natural cosmetics in cosmetics legislation, as a result of which there is a lot of green washing in the sector. Green washing is an unfortunate and unethical phenomenon that manifests itself in the marketing of synthetic and non-organic products so as to give the consumer an image of a natural product. In order to protect green washing, natural cosmetics certificates have been created for the industry, the common goal of which is to create uniform and clear criteria for natural cosmetics. The certificate helps the consumer to distinguish a truly natural product from green-washed products. The FI-Natura certificate also serves as a sign of a truly Finnish product and Finnish work.


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