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NOTICE 1.5.2024

New FI-Natura criteria published

The new FI-Natura criteria has now been published. The certificate criteria have been gathered in a new criteria document , which covers raw materials, packaging, the certification process and the rules for using the certificate. The criteria can be downloaded from the certificate criteria tab of the homepage.

The new criteria will enter into force on May 1, 2024. For new products to be certified, the criteria take effect immediately. Already certified products are granted an automatic transition period, by the end of which the products must be checked again and, if necessary, modified according to the criteria. The transition period is until 31 December 2027.

in Helsinki on April 26, 2024
FI-Natura ry board of directors

NOTICE 23.1.2024

FI-Natura prohibits the use of peat in certified products

FI-Natura ry has investigated the cosmetic use and responsibility of peat.


Peat is a traditional Finnish cosmetic raw material with useful skin care properties. However, peat is also a very slowly renewable material, the removal of which endangers valuable marsh habitats and causes emissions that promote the eutrophication of waterways.


As a result of the investigation, the association states that there are environmentally responsible problems associated with the use of peat, which prevent its continued use in FI-Natura-certified products.


The ban is valid for new products to be certified from January 1, 2024. For already certified products, the transition period is until December 31, 2026, by which time the product changes caused by the peat ban must be recertified.

in Helsinki on January 23, 2024
FI-Natura ry board of directors

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