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How is certification done?



  • certification agreements

  • initial inspection fee
    (50 € / product / first hour, then 60 € / hour)

  • product ingredient lists

  • packaging materials

  • printing materials



The FI-Natura audit is performed by an independent auditor. An audit agreement is made between the auditor and the series to be certified. The audit fee is approximately 50–100 € / product.


  • Raw materials and raw material documents

  • Product composition and product documentation

  • Production, production of cleaning products

  • Printing materials

  • Animal inexperience

FI-Natura is a Finnish natural cosmetics certificate established in 2014. Our goal is to facilitate the possibility for Finnish natural cosmetics marketers and manufacturers to obtain a Finnish natural cosmetics certificate for their product or product range. The certificate acts as an added value, enabling the consumer to identify an authentic domestic natural cosmetic product and distinguish it from green-washed cosmetic products. The certificate can be applied for for an individual product or for the entire product range.

FI-Natura wants to promote co-operation between Finnish cosmetics manufacturers and raw material producers.
We are aware of the richness of Finland's nature, and we want to emphasize in our criteria the importance of Finnish wild plants and the value of natural products, and encourage companies to use Finnish raw materials.

The FI-Natura certification process monitors that the raw materials, production methods and packaging of the products meet the certification criteria defined by FI-Natura. The verification process for the certificate is a two-step process. In the first stage, FI-Natura checks the product's ingredient list and packaging and printing materials. After the approved initial inspection, a FI-Natura audit is performed. The audit is carried out in cooperation with independent audit bodies.


We will be happy to provide more information about the certification process by email .

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