FI-Natura is a Finnish non-profit organization that certifies Finnish natural cosmetics. The certificate helps customers to recognize a true natural cosmetic product that has not been animal tested. Additionally, it is a sign of Finnish work and origin.

FI-Natura recognizes the purity and richness of the Finnish nature. Our aim is to promote the use and respect of wild and cultivated Finnish plant materials in cosmetics. Our goal is to improve the identifiability of Finnish natural cosmetics and help customers to tell the difference between true natural cosmetics and greenwashed products.

The manufacturing process of genuine natural cosmetics pays special attention to the environmental impact and the origin of raw materials and packaging materials. Natural cosmetics is a choice of an environmentally aware customer. Its clean and natural ingredients support the skin’s wellbeing.

FI-Natura standard briefly:

  • At least 95 % of the ingredients must be of natural origin
  • When possible, plant materials should be carefully picked wild plants or from organic agriculture
  • When possible, raw materials should be locally produced
  • Raw materials must be modified as little as possible and in gentle ways
  • FI-Natura approves the restricted use of some synthetic ingredients (max. 5 %) when their isolation from natural sources is not ecologically cost-effective or possible. Approved synthetic ingredients include for example benzoic acid and its salts, sorbic acid and its salts, and benzyl alcohol.
  • Forbidden ingredients include:
    • Ingredients of petrochemical origin
    • Ethoxylated ingredients
    • Chemical UV filters
    • Silicones
    • Most of synthetic preservatives, such as parabens, isothiazolinones, formaldehyde donors, phenoxyethanol, triclosan
    • Most of animal derived ingredients, with some exceptions such as beeswax, honey, milk and lanolin.
    • GMO derived ingredients
  • Packaging materials must be recyclable and as environmentally friendly as possible. Forbidden materials include PVC, polystyrene (PS) and PMMA and their derivates.
  • Animal testing of the products and the ingredients is strictly forbidden.

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